Hiking holidays in the Zillertal valley

Hiking paths, long-distance hikes and taking breaks in alpine mountain huts

You’ve got your boots on, walking sticks are ready, your backpack is filled with tasty snacks and you’re ready to go! With over 1400km of well-signposted hiking paths to choose from, you’ll easily experience the natural beauty of the Zillertal valley. The paths are of varying difficulty, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you want to meander through the flat meadows of the valley or hike up to one of the numerous peaks that are over 3000m above sea level, your choice is endless. Should you wish to experience breathtaking views but at a more leisurely pace, the summer cable cars are ready to whisk you up the mountain in no time. There are some lovely little walks at the top too!


What could be better than enjoying a well-deserved rest at one of the 150 original mountain huts? Being able to enjoy a good hike and a view befit for Kings and Queens is a feeling hard to describe. If you’d like to go on a long-distance hike, one option might be the ‘7 stages in 7 days’ tour from Tegernsee to Sterzing. This is just one example of many routes that our hotel is situated on, so if you want to cross the Alps, we’re ready to accommodate you on your journey!


For kids, there are loads of mountain experience spots to keep them entertained. There’s so much adventure to be had in the Zillertal valley, from geocaching to themed walks or paths that teach you all about the natural world. These are always good fun for the whole family and they usually have fun features which also enable children and adults to learn a lot about the surrounding forests, mountains and meadows. How does that sound?!

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